VSC – Plankton

Posted on January 22nd, 2014

My day started early with a sitting meditation in the meditation house next door, with prayer flags flying out front in the drifting snow. It was -10 below then, and it’s been bitter all day.

In my studio, plankton are swimming into my artwork. Their name means “drifter” or “wanderer” in Greek. Phytoplankton live in the top part of sea and fresh water, happily using up our carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen- over 1/2 the Oxygen in the atmosphere, I read. BUT … they are declining (40%) since 1950. Some scientists believe this may account for global warming in part.

I placed these little Wanderers on my DNA crosspieces, and I printed with them today.

Plankton, my little wanderers,
Swim into my art work,
drift into my sea, invisible
to the naked eye, now seen.

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