VSC – A studio visit

Posted on January 17th, 2014

The visiting sculptor, Leonid Lerman (originally from Odessa, Russia), came to my studio today. It was a meaningful exchange on a soulful as well as a practical level. His appreciation of how my work reflects my environmental concerns was affirming. We discussed many approaches to how the “skin” of my hanging double helix could be attached, and how to work with the light as it reflects off the inside curves. I am thinking there are possibilities for embossed imagery (such as microscopic phytoplankton enlarged) and/ or writing here as well as on the outer surface. So much to consider! Will digest over the weekend break.

My pictures are of the microscopic creatures that make life on this planet possible. I brought them with me and I am delighting in their variety and thanking them for their usefulness today. Without slime molds, there would be no soil; without phytoplankton, no life in the sea. Here’s my little poem for today:

Slime molds work the earth
Phytoplankton seed the sea
What splendor, what industry eludes us!

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