TumbleStar Finds a Summer Home on the Cape

Posted on June 24th, 2018

TumbleStar Dancing in the Woods

Out of the Box! Art & Science Walk at Highfiled Hall

Highfield Hall & Gardens in Falmouth, Massachusetts is the summer home for my painted steel sculpture, TumbleStar, as part of their outdoor exhibit “Out of the Box! Art & Science Walk.” From June 24- September 3, visitors can explore beautiful ‘lawns, paths and gardens to discover 12 installations that highlight the intersection of art and science.’ My three big sea stars (measuring 6 feet across) dance through a wooded cul de sac, their matrix-like patterns glinting in and out of shadow. If the viewer looks closely they will see intertwined in the pattern the word for DDT.

Rachel Carson first alerted the country about this harmful pesticide over 50 years ago. Nearby Woods Hole is where Carson studied marine biology as a graduate student, and her appreciation of the sea and  “all life interrelated” laid the foundation for modern ecology; she later warned about the harm humans can do to the fragile web of life through indiscriminate use of pesticides and other chemicals. She inspired me as a young person when I read “Silent Spring,” and I continue to address concerns about the environment in my work today.

For more information about Highfield Hall: https://highfieldhallandgardens.org/

From left to right above: Digging at the installation site; Highfield Hall from the garden path; After digging 3 big holes for our posts, Nelson and I take a break in front of TumbleStar

Additional (and more detailed) photos of Tumblestar are here: http://katechappellartspace.com/sculpture.html
and here: http://katechappellartspace.com/news/tumblestar-lands-in-wells/

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