Intaglio Workshop for One

Posted on November 20th, 2014

Grandson Jake Armentrout shows off the foam core intaglio print he made in my studio. He agreed to be my “stand-in” for the class of Middle schoolers I taught at Kingswood Oxford School as part of a short residency in printmaking there in November.

This low tech non- toxic intaglio technique uses recycled foam core board for plates and Akua (water soluble) inks. Peeling away sections of the shiny paper outside layer create areas of dark plate tone while the remaining shiny part (incised or marked on) can be wiped for etching effects.

It’s quick, fun, and easy to clean up. The plates can be used multiple times, and in combination with a paper template of the positive/ negative shapes that can be used to mask or reveal areas of color on layered subsequent pulls.

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