Installed at Last

Posted on July 9th, 2015

Photos above from left to right: Starfish; Nelson on the Genie; Three Armatures

Installed at Last

Four years in the making, my hanging sculpture, All Life Interrelated, is now happily installed in its new home, the foyer of the Chase-Tallwood Math Science and Technology building at the Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, CT. It hangs from the tall ceiling down through a mezzanine floor to the entrance below. When I first saw this stunning new L.E.E.D. Certified building, I was impressed by the lightness of the space and the quiet lines, and was excited to design a sculpture that would relate to the big natural landscape and views of the sky while reflecting the biology of small life and the continuity implied by the DNA structure. I did a lot of research into the science of slime molds, foraminifera, and phytoplankton. I read avidly about the connection between the Red Knot bird (longest migrating bird in the world) and the horseshoe crab that lays the eggs which give the shore bird sustenance on its long flights. All these references to interdependence found their way into my printmaking and construction for this piece. I like the idea of bringing science and art together, and my work reflects my concern for humankind’s depredations on fragile ecosystems. I hope that the students in the school will see creatures in my work that engage them and become platforms for learning that ”what we do to the earth we do to ourselves.”

Photos above from left to right: Nelson and Kate take a breather on the mezzanine; Overview from above with ladders; Detail of “tuxedo” frog that Kate made on site for the “earth” crossbars.

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