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Posted on June 7th, 2015

All Life Interrelated

I am in the home stretch of making a public installation for the science building of Kingswood Oxford school in W. Hartford CT. It is a first for me, and I wanted to share it with friends in Maine before it goes to its permanent home. “All Life Interrelated” (taken from a Rachel Carson quote) is a hanging mobile sculpture, comprised of steel and paper double helices, 12′, 8′ and 6′. Two-sided monoprinted images form a paper “skin” that runs up each side of the “DNA” armatures. They reflect the interconnectedness of creatures of the sea, air and earth to their environments and to each other.

Concern for the environment has been a theme in my life and work. As Rachel Carson pointed out, “man’s endeavors to control nature by his powers to alter and destroy the world, inevitably evolve into a war against himself…”

Below are photos of the installation in process;
Top row from left to right: Crosspieces drying in studio. The runes are a code ( like DNA)- they spell out the Rachel Carson quote: “all the life of the planet is interrelated…each species has its own ties to others, and all are related to the earth; and test hanging in the science building in April. We had only 2 of the 3 armatures and used a 12′ rule as a placeholder for the long “sky/air” armature.

Bottom row: The earth armature with part of “sea” in foreground; and assembling the test armature on site.

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