Icelandic Odyssey: Glaciers, Fulmars, and Whales

Posted on October 2nd, 2017

Icelandic Odyssey: Glaciers, Fulmars, and Whales

Over the summer solstice, I was one of five members of Peregrine Press to travel to Iceland for a two-week long residency in printmaking. We joined Sola, our Icelandic host, and Mary, our fellow printmaker from Ireland, for an intensive teach-in solar printmaking from Elva, and tour the amazing country of fjords and glaciers. 

While there, I was inspired by the volcanic rock strewn landscape, the glaciers, the arctic birds (like the large pelagic Fulmar), and the whales. 

Joining Iceland, Ireland, and Maine we have together formed the international printmaking group “Touching Water”. We are always in touch by the waters that touch each others shores, and we meet once a year to print together. 

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