Hybrid Space/Hybrid Practice

Posted on May 6th, 2018

New Hybrid Studios Breed Innovation

Words and images get equal opportunity in the new Church studios at Vermont Studio Center.

I was the first to experience the newly resurrected studios, risen from the ashes of this historic church building on Main Street in Johnson, Vermont. For years I have had a studio practice that combines writing and art in various ways, and as a “hybrid” resident in March I was able to participate fully in both the writers group and be a painter/printmaker, too. I brought my little press along and experimented with making letters out of the orange plastic netting left from the building site. This evolved into an installation/performance piece that invited the 50 other residents to add their “words” to my two alphabets: “climate of unrest” and “climate of hope.”

The Church studios are being dedicated in early May; studio 6 will be in honor of my cousin, Frank Cheney Platt, a founder of Poets House in New York, the largest poetry library in the US, accessible to all.

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Lucia T. MillerMay 7th, 2018 at 1:33 am

Kate!! This is so exciting!! And is so like you, such a Kate Cheney Chappell thing to do. I’m just amazed and delighted by such a creative idea.

Maybe there’s a fish house in your future that will find itself reimagined as a Hybrid Studio! It would take a bigger building than any existing, I’m afraid, but.. Boy, I wish WAMI were still young and vital. But there are many younger artists on the island, maybe you’re the spark who could ignite them….

Meantime have fun with your current HOPE and UNREST project and with the 50 other artists working with you.

Love and congratulations to a serious doer!! Lucia

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